What is technology? Technology is the stuff that makes our world work, the implements and artifacts of modern society. Technology exists to make our lives easier and better, although the actual use of technology often involves costs and consequences that can be seriously detrimental. Technology is all around us, useful every day in ways large and small. We think of technology as something new, but technology has been with us for thousands of years, ever since man started using things found in nature in ways nature never intended. Mankind is a tool user, and technology is the name we have given to the product of mans creations.

Technology is the result of an engineering process. Technology is a creation, something physical and tangible. As our society has evolved, so has technology, and technology and society have a symbiotic relationship. In fact, technology drives changes in society more often than the other way around. Think of the spear, or gun, or lever, or engine. These are all examples of technology that have changed the way mankind lives and works.

The definition of technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, and the machinery and equipment developed from such scientific knowledge. Obviously, you can read Wikipedia on your own to get a better idea of the history and application of technology, but know that throughout man kinds’ existence we have used technology to shape our world, and technology in turn has changed and shaped us, our culture, and our society. Technology is so important and central to our way of life that we literally could not survive without it. That is why we need to understand technology better.

This web site is dedicated to the knowledge and understanding of technology. This is a big subject, one in which no individual or organization can hope to encompass, but even a small addition to our understanding of technology represents improvement. Technology has gotten so complex that few actually understand how things work, why our technology works the way it does. We are increasingly a culture of users, and when confronted with information many find it hopelessly complex and confusing. This is unacceptable, and this web site is designed to change that perception. Knowledge is power. Let’s get started.

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