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This web site is designed to help teachers and students. It should be obvious that I am a content expert, and not a web designer.

I am reluctant to divulge too much information about myself, but I can tell you that I am from Houston, I have been teaching since 1984 (both high school and community college), and I know what the letters NBL stand for.

You can contact me at the following e-mail address: TheDude@technologydude.com

The Techology Dude not only accepts donations, he is practially begging for them. Even the Dude has to make a living, and many of the articles represent a significant investment of time and effort. The Technology Dude will also gladly accept donations of additional curriculum material, and is willing to modify or Captivate them and send them back if you ask nicely.

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The Technology Dude came across a research paper that he believes every teacher, administrator, and educational policy maker should read. The best summary of this research can be found here: http://www.learningandteaching.info/teaching/what_works.htm


Because this web site does not currently contain a blog, the following items are placed here and should be considered editorial in nature.

THIS SITE IS STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND UPDATING! Don't panic, only small amounts of radiation will be released.